Landscaping In Tuscon

Landscaping In Tucson

If you live in Tucson, one of the main constraints you will face when you are trying to design a front yard garden is the barrenness of the soil. Landscaping in Tucson is almost alike landscaping in a desert and that is actually true for most of the southwestern regions of the USA. However, with some ingenious ideas, you can make landscaping in Tucson quite a breeze too.

Being patient is important. If you are looking for a lush garden with all the greenery in it that you can place you will have to make a few initial plans and put some added effort. First of all, enquire at your local nursery whether they will replace the soil in your front yard area with some that has a better fertile quality. That can be done, and once it is done, you will have to add fertilizers and keep it irrigated. Within a few weeks, the soil will be ready for planting.

Now, when planting, you have to choose carefully from among species that will do well in the desert climate of Tucson. Select xerophytic plants like cacti from your nursery. There are many exotic varieties of cacti that will grow with little or no water. Cacti look immensely beautiful and some of them have flowers also. There are various shapes and sizes of cacti too, so you can really spend time and take your pick. Since these plants are low-maintenance, you will not have to tinker around with them too much either. They will virtually grow all by themselves.

It is not that only cacti will grow well in your desert landscape. You can select various other flowering plants, such as the bluebeards, which will do quite well there.

Make sure that you keep sufficient drainage between the plants so that the water you give them initially flows through them adequately. This is an important feature of desert gardening and you should not miss out on it.

An important aspect of your Tucson landscape is to add interesting features. You can put some statues and other kinds of sculpture in your landscape. Use lighting in intriguing ways. There are special garden lights that can be used all over your front yard and also used to highlight the best features of the garden. Think of putting up an interesting rock formation. This could be the center point of attraction in the landscape. Make sure to put up some nice lighting here so that the rock formation is displayed well.

It is strongly suggested that you add some water feature in the landscape. It could be as small as a corner pond or as large as a swimming pool. It adds grace to the otherwise barren landscape. Add a waterwheel in a small pond and see how it sparks up the surroundings.

If you think that you are not up to the task, you can select a landscaping architect to do the job for you. There are several available for landscaping in Tucson, but make sure to check their licenses and see whether their services carry an insurance coverage.

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